Path of deceleration

Hike 165 km through the varied landscape and discover something new every day. From the valleys of the Große, Kleine and Steinerne Mühl to the Böhmerwald ridge, nature offers plenty of variety. Stop and feel the invigorating energy of the trail.

At the numerous energetic places, beautiful resting benches invite you to linger.

Hardly anything has become rarer and more valuable in our overheated performance society than time and leisure. The great hectic pace, the vast amount of digital communication and the compulsion to be reachable always and everywhere intensify the desire to leave everything behind and switch off.

More than two thousand years ago, philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Epicurus taught that man needs "otium" - divine leisure - in order to be in harmony with himself.

Accommodation WITH and WITHOUT luggage transfer

Accommodation with luggage transfer to the next accommodation in the villages

  • Aigen-Schlägl
  • Haslach an der Mühl
  • Helfenberg
  • Klaffer am Hochficht / Holzschlag
  • Nebelberg
  • Peilstein
  • Rohrbach-Berg
  • St. Oswald bei Haslach
  • Schwarzenberg am Böhmerwald
  • Ulrichsberg

Passenger transfer for overnight stays in the same accommodation in the following locations

  • Aigen-Schlägl
  • Haslach an der Mühl
  • Schwarzenberg am Böhmerwald
  • St. Oswald bei Haslach
  • Ulrichsberg

Gipfelge(h)nussweg | 4 Tage auf 71 km

Sie erwandern jeden Tag einen neuen Gipfel des Böhmerwaldkamms mit über 1000 Metern: 
Plöckenstein an der Grenze zu Tschechien, Stinglfeslen und den Bärenstein.

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